What we do

In 2004 Stuart saw a demand for direct “at source” extraction and hence AtSource was born. He knows when ordinary ventilation is sufficient and when extraction is needed at the source. Nobody likes wearing masks, they’re hot, they’re stifling, they give workers a rash, there are now better ways! The flexibility of Nederman products and solutions mean they can easily be placed just wherever they’re needed. Direct at-source extraction of dust and fumes at the point of emission is a widely recognised and best method of eliminating airborne contaminants from the workplace.


    We provide mist or aerosol extraction from dental processes.

    Transmission of infection or disease during aerosol generating processes such as high speed drilling has been an increasing concern to the dental profession. The reason is the risk of direct contact with saliva or blood, contact with contaminated instruments or surfaces that have been improperly sterilized, or respiratory fluids that may become aerosols during operative dentistry.

    Dust collection

    We are the ‘SAFE’ choice for dust collection, we have THE LARGEST range of dust collectors, specialising in combustible dusts and proper, engineered solutions.

    Food & Pharmaceutical

    We have the experience to do the right job, check our….CONTENT TO COME

    Fire & Emergency services

    We proud to be THE LEADER in this field throughout the country. We are the preferred supplier to Fire and Emergency New Zealand, many airport fire stations and many other Emergency Services across NZ and the Pacific

    Steel work

    If you’re in the steel fabrication industry, we have a solution for you. From welding, all types of cutting

    Vehicle workshops

    We are the leaders in cost effective, reliable, exhaust fume extraction systems. We have a solution for any workshop and can put you in touch with one of our customers anywhere you are.


    We have a good track record of successful solutions for trade and technology workshops in secondary and tertiary education centres across NZ. From wood-working rooms, welding & automotive training,


    We have hundreds of mini extraction arms in laboratory applications, quiet, aesthetic and options suitable for all dust and fume types, paired with suitable fans and filters, we take care of keeping your people safe.


    We have a large range of equipment in various applications throughout the aviation industry and its support partners. NDT fume extraction, corrosion repair, carbon and aluminium work, other advanced metals, interior trim and upholstery, engine facilities, airport fire stations and many more.

    Dairy industry

    We’ve provided small scale dust collection in laboratory and testing areas, mobile and fixed equipment for welding and plant repair, stainless steel hose reels and many other solutions.


    We benefit from Nederman and Mikropul experience around the globe – meaning we can provide world class solutions and experience right here in NZ.


    We’ve designed and supplied solutions for safe work and restoration on valuable antiques and works of art in museums and galleries.

      Air NZ

      We are continually assisting AirNZ Engineering facilities around the country with dust and fume extraction solutions. From Non-Destructive testing processes, aircraft spot repairs, light and heavy maintenance applications and safe handling of combustible dusts including aluminium, carbon, titanium and many more

      Fire and Emergency NZ

      We are the leading supplier of all exhaust fume management solutions for fire stations across New Zealand and the Pacific. We have Nederman automatic diesel exhaust fume extractors in hundreds of fire stations. Being installed in both existing and new facilities

      NZ Defence Force

      We have a wide range of dust and fume removal solutions across the Defence Forces, from small laboratory fume capture to welding fume extraction to exhaust fume removal from the largest military vehicles and their support machines. We’re proud to support those who protect us.

      University of Auckland

      We’re proud to supply a wide range of dust and fume extraction solutions to UoA and many other tertiary institutions. Hundreds of laboratory Fume arms, fans for standard and corrosive fume applications, dust collection, filters and vehicle exhaust fume removal from workshop, testing and dyno facilities

      Douglas Pharmaceuticals

      Pleased to be selected to supply a range of laboratory and production dust and fume extraction arms, fans and filters. Safe handling of all dust and fume for several pharmaceutical and animal health companies with development and manufacturing processes

        Pre-Studies and Planning

        We can visit and assess your facility or application, discuss requirements and gather information to progress to Design.


        We offer a fast turnaround and a professional proposal using Nedermans NEDQuote program. Our experienced engineers can efficiently produce a guaranteed design to meet your timeline. Making your job easy.


        We use our experience together with NEDQuote to select and recommend the most suitable products and solutions for your application. We offer user friendly and practical solutions.


        From NEDQuote, we can list out & schedule all required components, making your job as simple as possible. This includes duct, pipe and fittings and all products and any recommended accessories. This can be supported with technical leaflets and data sheets for all products.


        We hold the largest range of dust and fume extraction products in New Zealand. Nederman has a large manufacturing and distribution network meaning if we don’t have it in stock, we can source it quickly and efficiently. We are the direct importers and supply to a large number of mechanical contractors and wholesalers. We also supply direct to end users from our warehouses in both Auckland and Christchurch


        We have our own installation staff and contract teams to implement any project big or small. All installations monitored to ensure a high standard of quality and meeting customer expectations.


        We have the experience and testing equipment at hand to all equipment is installed and performing as intended and required.


        We offer, and can tailor full product and system training – to ensure you get full benefit from your equipment and system


        We have systems and registers in place to support and track your assets over their lifecycle, ensuring they operate and perform optimally. Service personnel regularly travel all over the country performing annual service and maintenance programs for many of our key clients.