High Vacuum Dust Collectors

E-PAK compact central unit

Compact high vacuum unit, the ideal solution for removing dust and fumes
The compact E-PAK for multi-purpose use is the ideal solution for the extraction of sanding and grinding dust and for welding fumes. Also suitable for cleaning of the workplace and the shop floor. The E-PAK is a powerful vacuum unit and can serve up to six extraction points, all in use at the same time. Typical areas of application can be found in welding shops, car body shops, construction industries, bakeries, industrial laundries etc.

Power control can be obtained by fitting automatic vacuum valves to the extraction points. The valves provide suction power when an operation starts. When the work stops and all the valves have closed again, the E-PAK unit will stop.
Automatic vacuum valves offer substantial energy savings and make a small unit manage the job otherwise requiring a large unit. Using automatic valves multiplies the number of working points that can be served, by three to four times.

Low noise level is an obvious demand in today’s working environment. E-PAK is developed to fit into normally noise sensitive premises thanks to efficient silencers and acoustic enclosure. The enclosure is easily removed for service.

Easy to install
Low noise level
Low running and maintenance costs

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