Extraction Arms

Nederman FX2 Extraction Arms

Dia. 50,75 and 100. Length:700 to 2400 Version: original, Chem and ESD/EX.

The best and most cost-efficient solution for extraction of hazardous airborne contaminants, in applications where small, flexible and easy-to-use arms are required.

Nederman FX2 arms are made of lightweight anodized aluminium sections, with three adjustable, composite friction joints. Offering strength and durability combined with easy handling, they can be used in many types of environment. They are especially suitable for applications where small, flexible and easy-to-use arms are required.
A robust and reliable all-round arm for general applications where there is little risk of electrical discharges or attack by aggressive chemicals.

Optimal efficiency and low noise provides safe and quiet working environment
Ceilings, walls and floors or fixed to worktops mountings and cut2fit extension profile gives maximum installation flexibility
The two outermost arm joints can rotate and swivel through 360°, which gives the unique manoeuvrability

The lean, smooth and aesthetic design allows arms to fit in well in any environment without compromising its durability and reliability

Highly integrated products that save customers’ time and costs, as well as providing the reliability and functionality to deliver a better performance