Power Reels & Retractable Reels

Browse our available reels online, featuring a versatile range of power reels & retractable reels. Suitable for repair shops, garages, food industries & more!

Hose Reel H30

Safe and functional retractable hose reel suitable for pneumatical tools, staplers, blow guns and water guns.

Hose Reel H20

Safe and functional retractable hose reel suitable for pneumatic tools, staplers and blow guns

Data Cable D20

Cable reel with Cat7 Ethernet cable. Durable, safe and with smart design.

Cable reel C30

Functional and easy to use retractable cable reel with power socket for electrical tools, cable length 17m (55 ft.).

Cable Reel C20

Functional and easy-to-use retractable power cable reel with power socket for electrical tools. IP44/IP55, cable length 12m (39 ft.), 10A.

Cable reel 793

The power cable reel 793 is robust and comes in 1-phase and 3-phase and is supplied with thermal overload protector.

Cable Reel 744

Cable reel for max. 48V, 6A.

Balancer 810

Series 810 balancer makes the tool weightless and minimizes the strain on the operator.

Power reels & retractable reels for all industries

Whether you require stainless steel hose reels designed for food processing industries, acid-resistant power reels, or safe, functional retractable reels for light industry use we have them all! Our collection of Nederman reels, cables, and balancers offers the perfect solutions for use in all industries, including food industries, vehicle workshops, hardware labs, data centers, and more. Maintaining a safe and highly functional work environment is essential for all industries. Luckily, Nederman hose reels and industrial cable reels are made to last through the decades. Their durable, high-quality designs perform with excellence no matter the circumstances. Our range of Nederman products is the perfect selection for your business to create a better, safer, and more ergonomic workplace without the risk of hoses and cables trailing underfoot.