Quarterly Report


Message from Stuart

The last quarter has seen AtSource busy around the country again, with projects from Warkworth to Invercargill, and many places between those points from the very East to the very West.

There are many places of work that are exposed to emissions from plant and processes, and AtSource have a very wide range of products and systems to meet the health and safety requirements of industry in New Zealand.

The air that we breathe is extremely important: in fact, vital to our health and wellbeing. And yet, it is so easy to just put up with poor air quality in the work place. Do not accept dust and fume buildup in your workplace as unavoidable!

We can help, using our expertise and range of dust and fume extraction products.

Product News

SEAT have introduced two new fans to their range – The SEAT 50 Atex, and the STORM 18. Get in touch with us to find out if these are the fans you need to meet your dust and fume extraction requirements.

Fire Station Reno

The historic Mt Roskill Fire Station has had a full transformation and is now for sale as a unique residential property. Built in 1927, the restoration is nothing short of fabulous, with much homage paid to its origins – with Flick the fire engine available to include in the purchase!

The exhaust extraction system we installed some years ago when it was a working station won’t be included in the sale!

Find out more here, and view the sales listing here.

Did you know...?

Air pollutants are measured using the air quality index (AQI). An AQI of more than 100 is about the same as inhaling car exhaust fumes all day! See the current AQI status on waqi.info

According to WHO guidelines, 99 percent of the Earth’s population lives in areas with poor air quality.

Poor air contributes to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other dementia diseases, and is the 4th most common cause of death. Find out more in Nederman’s Annual and Sustainability Report 2022 

From the WHO website: Compared to 15 years ago, there is now a much stronger body of evidence to show how air pollution affects different aspects of health at even lower concentrations than previously understood. But here’s what hasn’t changed: every year, exposure to air pollution is still estimated to cause millions of deaths and the loss of healthy years of life.

We all have to do our part for the environment. And there are many different ways one can save energy. I normally use the couch.