Quarterly Report


Message from Jared

Welcome to the latest quarterly update from AtSource! We have some exciting news to share, from new staff additions to product successes and shifts in the industry landscape.

Staff Changes

We are thrilled to welcome Reuben to our team. Reuben is a dynamic, young professional with a remarkable knack for technology and practical skills. His expertise with Google and tech tools is proving invaluable as he spearheads the implementation of our new computing system, SimPRO. Reuben’s role extends beyond the digital realm; he is actively engaged in design work and hands-on installations. Currently, he is playing a pivotal role in the nationwide service run for Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ).

Product Popularity

Our products have seen significant success this winter, particularly our Drying Cabinet. This product has received excellent feedback from customers for its efficiency in drying wet gear and uniforms. Designed to operate on single-phase power, the Drying Cabinet is compact yet powerful, making it ideal for firefighting, snow operations, farming, and any other industry where drying protective wear between shifts is crucial.

Economic Observations

The recent economic changes have presented a unique opportunity for businesses. With the shift from constant reactive work, many mid-sized industries are now able to evaluate and optimize their business systems. This trend has led to an increase in enquiries as businesses review their health and safety practices, seeking to enhance their work environments.

Focus on Safety in Schools

Government emphasis on safety in schools has heightened interest in our welding and woodwork dust extraction systems. This increased attention has spurred a surge in enquiries, reflecting the growing commitment to maintaining safe and healthy learning environments.

Office and Business Development

In the office, Sarah has been diligently setting up systems and driving business development. Her efforts are focused on establishing partnerships and reseller agreements, which are crucial for our growth strategy. Our stock management has seen significant improvements, allowing us to hold more inventory in New Zealand. This strategic move helps us mitigate the challenges posed by long lead times from Europe, ensuring quicker delivery times for our customers.

Exciting New Product Launch

We are excited to announce that we are bringing in a complementary product aimed at making installation easier for all industries. The product is Nordfab QuickFit Ducting, a modular ducting system that saves time and money. It is easy and quick to install, and we aim to make it easily available to all industries. More details to come.

Recognition and Expertise

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but my team insists I share this achievement: I have recently been recognized by the Nederman team in Sweden for my extensive experience and knowledge in fire and emergency extraction systems. I have been recruited to assist with the first system install in Australia. Our longstanding relationship with emergency organizations, especially FENZ, is a source of great pride for me. FENZ’s proactive approach to the health and safety of their firefighters is commendable, and I am honored to contribute to their efforts.

Busy Times Ahead

Lastly, we have several large projects in the pipeline, keeping our team busy and motivated. We are committed to delivering top-quality solutions and look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.
Thank you for your continued support and partnership with AtSource. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

Product News

Ask us about the new Pronomar drying systems – to dry your PPE the easy way. Suitable for overalls, jackets, gloves, and boots – the clothing is dried from the inside out by means of warm air. The drying is fast and gentle, so that your valuable equipment receives the careful treatment it deserves.

Warm air flows through the stainless steel framework and various shaped hangers to reach all areas from the arm pits to the tips of the boots. This constant, gentle drying system is suitable for materials such as leather and high-tech fabrics, and works quickly, ensuring a warm and dry start to your next shift.

AtSource and FENZ

We have a long-standing relationship with Fire & Emergency NZ, having outfitted an impressive number of their stations with our state-of-the-art diesel fume extraction systems. Our commitment to their safety is reflected in every installation.

We deeply admire firefighters for their bravery in heading out to fight fires, but do we often consider the risks they face upon returning to a station filled with diesel exhaust fumes?

Our expertise lies in designing and installing advanced extraction systems that efficiently capture and eliminate these harmful fumes. This ensures a safe and healthy working environment for firefighters across the country, allowing them to perform their duties without additional health concerns.

Because every second counts in their response time, our systems utilise quick-release nozzles. This innovative feature enables the crew to be out the door and on their way efficiently, with the peace of mind that they will return to a station where they can breathe easy and remain healthy.

For an insightful look into a customised Nederman diesel fume extraction solution, watch this video on LinkedIn, showcasing the setup at the NSW Rural Fire station in Murrumbateman.

Get in touch with us if you are concerned about the health and safety of your fire, ambulance or police station, or vehicle servicing workshop.