High Vacuum Dust Collectors

Fume Eliminator 24/7

Mobile units for continuous welding application and for one or two users. Fumes extracted directly at the torch.

The Fume Eliminator 24/7 1.5 & 2.5 are mobile high vacuum units designed to extract welding fumes in a continuous basis. Connected to a welding torch with integrated extraction, the Fume Eliminator 24/7 1.5 & 2.5 units extracts the fumes directly at source for one or two welders. Automatic filter cleaning, side channel fans with high capacity and all special values that a Nederman product offers.

Upgrade with automatic start/stop function is available for user-friendly operation and improved energy efficiency.

  • Fumes are extracted efficiently during long shifts of welding thanks to the continuous run, efficient and maintenance-free side channel blower
  • Easy adjustment of air flow depending on application improves productivity and energy efficiency.
  • Efficient and automatic filter cleaning assures long filter life for low operating cost.
  • Integrated spark trap protects the FE 24/7 from sparks and minimizes the risk of damages to the filter cartridge.
  • Filtered air can be re-circulated even when particulates are from high alloy steel. The unit is W3 approved (EN 15012).