Ensuring a Safe and Clean Environment for an Electronics Recycling Plant


HWD Recycling, in Hungary, receive and process old electronics from the public, groups and businesses, according to environmental standards. Their core focus lies in skillfully taking apart and processing equipment, air conditioners, and industrial fridges. They also store aluminum and copper raw materials extracted from waste, ensuring they’re protected until further use.

Their waste processing systems generate a lot of dust, which is hazardous to both staff health and safe and efficient machine operation. Some of this dust is potentially explosive, and requires careful consideration.

With decades of experience in combustible dust handling, Nederman designed and installed a system to ensure a safe working environment and a longer service life of processing equipment.

A low vacuum solution was installed including an ATEX certified Nederman FMC filter unit with a Combifab fan, inverter and arms with all necessary safety components.

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