Atsource dust and fume extraction mobile showroom

The original Atsource dust & fume extraction systems showroom on wheels!

The Atsource Story – A new way of dust and fume extraction

Maybe you have experienced the professionally engineered dust and fume extraction solutions that Atsource provides, but do you know our back story?

It all began…

Way back in 2004, our GM, Stuart, made a decision to resource his 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry to start up Atsource. He saw a need for specialist, at-source dust and fume extraction systems, and knew his contacts and expertise, along with the ability to build a solid team around him, could meet that need.

Starting a business is exciting and involved the whole family, with kids just teens and young adults then. They all joined in a brainstorming session around the kitchen bench to come up with the business name! His daughter designed the logo and branding that is still in use today, albeit with a few minor tweaks.

Day 1 saw Stuart sitting at a desk in his home (or shed actually!) office in Drury with a chunky old Nokia phone, an empty calendar and great intentions. He had a comprehensive list of contacts in many industries, to call, email or arrange meetings with. The view out the window was of clear blue sky and rolling green hills. Can you imagine any better inspiration to sell fresh, clean air than that?! In the corner behind him were some industrial vacuum cleaners. Stuart decided “I must move those, they are just collecting dust.” And so it began, with goodwill, fresh country air and humour – a solid foundation!

And so it continues!

Since then Atsource has become a go-to for consulting engineers, lab managers, emergency services, and schools, technical institutes, and universities. We also service a wide range of production and manufacturing companies. Atsource is the point of call in supporting their goal to achieve clean air in the workplace.

Atsource has partnered with Nederman, and share their mission:

…to protect people, planet and production from harmful effects of industrial processes. By doing that, we contribute to efficient production, environmental benefits and safer workplaces.

Nederman are world leaders in shaping a future for clean air. We have proven their product range in many industries across New Zealand.  Vehicle and emergency services, laboratories, metal and woodworking, welding, composite machining and materials handling are just the beginning.

Contact the Atsource team to find out how we can bring fresh country air to your workplace! Or at least solve your dust and fume extraction needs!