Why is correct venting design and implementation important?


In this weeks episode of the DustSafetyScience Podcast, we cover a case study of a sawdust and wood chip storage silo explosion, where insufficient venting resulted in a firefighter fatality.

DSS074: Case Study – Insufficient Venting During Sawdust Silo Explosion Leads to Fatality

Combustible Dust Explosions
(Link) Three injured in dust explosion at metal plant (Plum Borough, PA)
(Link) Firefighters respond to wood chip bin explosion (Ennest, Germany)
(Link) One injured in dust explosion at metal recycler (Bissendorf, Germany)

Combustible Dust Fires 
(Link) Contents of soybean silo damaged in fire at grain facility (Chicago, IL)
(Link) Firefighters put fire in duct system at toilet tissue plant (Oxnard, CA)

Potential Combustible Dust Incidents
(Link) Early-morning conveyor fire at steel manufacturer (Contrecœur, QC)
(Link) Gas explosion ignites dust in coal mine; kills 11 (Cucunubá, Colombia)

Combustible Dust News
(Link) How to get a DHA During COVID-19 (SEAM Group)
(Link) Scope of Waste & Recycling Facility Fires in Light of COVID19