Extraction Arms

High Vacuum Swing Arm

Swing arm SA-G is a on-tool extraction arm which offers maximum convenience when working with on-tool or on-torch extraction. Also ideal for the combination of grinding and welding applications. The design ensures that the arm smoothly follows the tool, for instance a sander, grinder, cutter or a welding torch. It supplies power to the tool and removes the dust. These corrosion-resistant extractions arms are equipped with two swivel points and are made of galvanized pipe. An integral compressed air hose comes as standard with the arm, enabling the user to conveniently connect an air-powered tool. Alternatively, the arm can be fitted with a cable for electric tools. For optimum efficiency, the use of an automatic vacuum valve is strongly recommended. The SA-GW arms are based on the same design as the SA-G, but come equipped with a rail and reinforcement in order to support the weight of a wire feed unit, making them ideal for a combined extraction of welding fumes and grinding dust.

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