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Exhaust Extraction for Fire and Emergency Stations

No one is better than Atsource Extraction Systems and Nederman at making the station sound and safe
Atsource have exhaust extraction systems to fullfill the specific needsof your fire station and suit your budget. No matter the size of your station, sizes/types of vehicles, or frequency of operations.
We have the markets widest range of products and systems, as well as extensive experience and knowledge in how to build the optimal solution.
Diesel exhaust is now classified in the same category as asbestos, arsenic, mustard gas, alcohol and tobacco.
Extract these hazardous diesel fumes efficiently with Nederman vehicle exhaust extractors.

Vehicle Repair Shops

All you need to make your vehicle workshop clean, safe and efficient
Vehicle exhaust and welding fumes, dust from sanding and grinding, oil spillage and untidy hoses - these are just some of the hazards in vehicle repair workshops, car inspection stations and alike. A prosperous business with a high-quality image is a question of a safe, tidy and well-organized workshop. AtSource have cost-effective products and complete system solutions for vehicle exhaust extraction, on-tool dust extraction and on-torch welding fume extraction.

Welding and Cutting

Welding fume extraction for sound, safe and efficient metal fabrication and cutting processes
Welding and cutting fumes cause health problems and negatively affect production. The result is reduced capacity, re-occurring disturbances and eventually decreased profit. Not only welders are at risk in unsafe environments. The production equipment, as well as end products, are negatively affected from the lack of adequate safety measures. Automated welding equipment such as robots - and the operators - can be subject to residual welding fumes and also need to be protected. Good safety and health is good business.

•Improve workplace environment

•Protect your workers health

•Protect equipment and processes

•Reduce production disturbances and improve profit

Nederman offers everything from single welding fume extractors to complete welding fume extraction systems. We carry out feasibility studies and planning for Welding and Metal fabrication industries. Our design department is most willing to assist by producing suggestions and specifications in our CAD system. Using our calculation system we can present complete customer specific layout alternatives and solutions including costing. Installation work and commissioning are also parts of our services. Our After Sales service encompasses everything from emergency repairs to scheduled maintenance.

Composite Machining

Improve work conditions, optimize uptime and safeguard production with Nederman dust extraction solution for composite machining industries
Products made of composite materials are strongly increasing in number and include everything from simple features to advanced components. When these materials are cut, milled, machined or polished, they release potentially explosive dust, particles and fibers. These combustible dusts are often small enough to enter human lungs especially when the material is fiberglass. The dust can penetrate the skin and cause an eczema-like reaction. Lubricants and fluids used in the production of composite materials also generate organic substances and gases that are dangerous when inhaled.

•Improve work conditions

•Optimize uptime

•Safeguard production

A clean production environment is essential for the quality and finish of the product. The smallest particle of dust can have devastating consequenses. Smooth, dust-free surfaces are paramount for achieving maximum adhesion when joining components made of composites. This is why the world's leading car and boat manufacturers buy equipment from Nederman to ensure best results.

Metal Machining

Clean air, clean workplaces, clean coolant and profitable recovery
Metal-working using highly productive machinery with high cutting speeds requires large flows of coolant, and also produces a lot of swarf. Metal-working also generates oil mist which is a health risk to employees and a burden on the environment. Microscopic oil drops can affect sensitive electronics that govern machinery, which can result in sudden operational stoppages. Solving these problems by using effective coolant filtering, swarf management and air filtration systems opens up major opportunities for reduced costs and increased revenues. The Nederman Machining concept has been developed to provide metal-working companies with products and systems that cover their current and future needs. We are the only company in the world to have a complete solution for the problems seen in the metal-working industry. Our solutions help to improve the environment and increase your profits.

Woodworking industries

Proven solution for woodworking industries
Woodworking in the form of sawing, planing, sanding and other operations involves very large amounts of sawdust and sanding dust. To handle these large flows of wood waste safely and efficiently, Nederman has developed a wide range of products and systems based on dust collectors, piping / ducting, fans, conveyors, silos and automated control systems. In addition to achieving a good working environment, these systems make it possible for customers to recycle wood waste, which represents a large economic value. When converted into pellets, waste products can be used for energy production or be sold as an energy source.

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