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Nederman WeldFilter C10 and C20

Effective source capture with reusable filter

Nederman WeldFilter is a mobile welding fume extraction unit offering easy, trouble-free operation and flexible access. It is available with one or two arms that can be swivelled 360°. WeldFilter is the cost-effective solution where ever welding fume extraction is needed. Just plug it in and start welding.

WeldFilter is a perfect welding fume extractor for welding industries. WeldFilter fume extractor captures fume near the arc or source of the fume, which is more efficient in most cases. Local exhaust, also called "source capture", is a very effective means to control welding fume.

Cleanable welding filter - low filter cost
The cleanable long life cartridge filter keeps the operating costs low. An automatic filter alarm indicates when it is time to clean.

The cleaning is made with an included blowgun in a closed process and the dust is safely disposed in a bag.

  • Mobile for versatile use
  • Compact and user friendly design
  • With one or two extraction arms, 3 m (10 ft)
  • Cleanable filters - low operating cost
  • Control panel with indication of operation time
  • Automatic filter alarm - sound and light
  • Closed filter cleaning process (blowgun included)
  • Safe disposal of collected dust






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