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Nederman Fan inverter

Full control and optimized power consumption result in optimal economy as well as low noise level

The Nederman Fan Inverter gives the possibility of full control of the fan capacity. This results in optimal economy as well as a low noise level in the area. The power consumption is well balanced and the working environment is optimized. Depending on how many work stations (extraction arms) are in use, the Fan Inverter will adjust the pressure in the duct system to a required level. The required air flow from each suction point will always be available. The Fan Inverter has all functions presented in a well designed display and the customized programming is easy and quick to do. It has of course multi language prompts. Any extraction system with a larger number of workplaces and various need of capacity will have benefits like better economy, low noise level, no draft, less heated air extracted, in using a Nederman Fan Inverter.






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