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Nederman Combifab fans and blowers

Fans and blowers for your dust collector

The Combifab range of highly efficient, quiet running radial fans include three dedicated impeller designs for handling clean air (R type), air containing dust and waste material (S type) and for transporting high concentrations wood dust and chips (T type). Versatile drives, including energy saving inverter drives ensure the fans are matched exactly to the required duty with minimum environmental effect.

Air Volume Range: 680 to 68.000 m3/hr (400 to 40,000 CFM)

Key features

  • High efficiencies, up to 87%
  • Wide range of airflow volumes and static pressures
  • Direct drive and belt drive options
  • Stainless or galvanized steel optional construction
  • ATEX certified Baseefa 04ATEX0103 for explosive dusts
  • Accurate control via efficient inverter drives
  • Options include in-line and enclosure silencers






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